Clive's Easylearn Pop Music Schools isn't just about guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons or singing lessons, it's about learning your instrument, playing with other musicians and being in band!

Our classes are weekly, 60 minutes long and are £22 per lesson. We also offer a 30 minute class for the young ones at £13.50 per lesson. We teach on a 2 students to 1 tutor basis and the cost includes the lesson, our course materials and our concerts we provide every 6 months.

In a lesson we spend 75% of every lesson working thorough our unique course materials teaching your child skills and techniques on their chosen instrument. Then for the last 25% of the lesson we put those skills into practice in a live band setting where we invite you to come back and listen. We do this every week and the students love it.

We also put on gigs for the students every six months where they perform songs they have been learning, up on stage in front of an audience of family and friends and raise money for local charities. We have raised thousands of pounds over the years for charities such as Rose Road, Simon Says, Naomi House and many more.

The best way for you to properly get a feel for what we do is to come on down and have a go, we offer a totally free taster session. We run Monday evenings at Lymington Community Centre, call 07871 493 120 to book your taster session.

Learn & Perform

Confidence-building, educational, social, rewarding and fun!

Be in your very own Rock Band


Learn & Perform

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